The home may be a place of safety and refuge, but it can also be a place of danger for children if dangerous items aren’t stored and locked properly. Items that may not seem dangerous to a teenager or an adult can be quite dangerous to a child, such as unlocked doors, cabinets, and ovens. There are many places in the home that require child safety locks which will keep your child out of danger and your home a safe place in which to live.

Cleaning Cupboards

Keeping the house clean is important in preventing germs. Especially when you have a little one around. However, the cleaning agents that are typically found in a household are usually poisonous if consumed. The brightly colored bottles often entice children, and the sweet smells of cleaning products can make them decide to ingest them. All it takes is a couple of minutes with your eyes away from your child for them to get into a cupboard. Any cupboard or drawer that is within reach of a child’s hands should be locked with a child safety lock. If you are not handy, you can call a locksmith to install it for you.

Liquor Cabinet Locks

A child who stumbles upon interesting-looking bottles of alcohol, whether it be wine or hard liquor, may be compelled to see if it tastes like their usual fruit juice. However, children can become severely ill if they consume even moderate amounts of alcohol. Installing a child-lock on your liquor cabinet is a good idea.  For extra safety, move the liquor to a higher cabinet.

Washing Machine Locks

Although most new washing machines and dryers have a child lock built in, others do not. The washing machine and dryer can be extremely dangerous places for a child to crawl into and become locked inside. It is a challenge to always know where your child is in the home, so ensuring that the washer and dryer are secure will give you peace of mind.

Toilet Seat Locks

This may seem like an odd place to attach a child lock, but children can actually drown in the toilet water. All it takes is a child falling in head first to accidentally drown. Take a minute to be sure the seat is locked down on every toilet in your home if you have young children. If you are unsure how to properly install a child lock on a toilet seat, then call your local locksmith who can do it for you.

Fence Locks

The backyard is an adventure zone for children, and there are so many places to explore and things to discover. Installing a child lock on the fence is an important step in preventing children from escaping and running out into traffic. Moreover, for homes who have a pool, it is usually a law to have a fence around it. You can even install a child lock on the fence door. Unfortunately, backyard pools can be a grave danger zone for children under five. In fact, there are many avoidable deaths that occur each year. A simple lock can keep your child safe and secure while playing outside.

Oven Locks

The oven handle is usually within easy reach for young children. Therefore, it makes sense to keep this kitchen appliance locked with a child safety lock. If your child smells something delicious baking in the oven, they may want to open the door to check out what is inside. As a result, the child may open the door and reach inside despite the intense heat. Even if the oven is not on, a child can still be tempted and find a way inside and become trapped.

Medicine Cabinet Locks

Any type of medication can be lethal to children if too much is ingested. Even though most medicine bottles have a child lock on them already, sometimes it is not properly put back on. In this case, a child can find a way to get the cap off. Keep the medicine cabinet or drawer away completely closed and put a child safety lock on it for maximum security.

Child safety locks can be easily installed by yourself or by a locksmith. If you need a child lock put on as soon as possible, you can call a 24-hour locksmith or a mobile locksmith to get the job done fast and accurately. Children do not always know what is safe and what is not, so it is important to keep them out of danger while they are learning. One way we can do this is by installing child safety locks on all drawer, cabinets, and fences that can be gateways to poisonous or dangerous things.