It happens to the best us. You can be caught in a rush one day and completely forget your keys. Getting locked out of your house is no fun at all, especially when you’ve had a long day of work. It can be terrible to come home to being locked out when all you want to do is kick up your feet and relax. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to make sure you never get locked out. Here are 5 ways you can avoid being locked out of your home or office.

5 Ways to Avoid Being Locked Out

1. Double Check

Always double-check. Rather, always check that you have your keys in your hand as you’re stepping out of your home. Even if you’re not used to doing it, if you purposefully check for your keys often enough, you’ll eventually turn it into a habit. Once you’ve mastered the double check, you’re well on your way to not being locked out.

If you happen to be the forgetful type, take measures, so you don’t forget. Hang keys right by the front door where you can see them as you step out. Use a stretchy cord that you can wear as a bracelet to hold your keys together. You can also wear your keys around your neck, so you never forget.

5 Ways to Avoid Being Locked Out

2. Spare Keys

When you make a copy of your master key, make more than one. Leave a spare key in your car. Leave a spare key at work. Leave one with your family, or friend. If you have a trustworthy neighbor, make sure you leave one with them as well. The more people who have your key, the less chance you’ll have of being locked out for a long time. Just make sure that you’re leaving your spare keys where they’re safe and inconspicuous. Theft is much worse than being locked out, and you wouldn’t want to deal with theft after a long day either.

5 Ways to Avoid Being Locked Out

3. Hidden Key

If you have to resort to it, one of the easiest ways to prevent a lockout is by hiding a spare key somewhere outside your house. This is something that can be a bit risky, and you have to be discreet when picking up or hiding your key. You wouldn’t want a random passerby to know your hiding spot. Also, make sure that you get creative where you hide your spare key. Burglars and intruders will check usual spots to see if they get lucky. Some usual spots may include that pot by your door or under the doormat. Some people hide keys by windows or behind plants. Some people hide keys under a specific rock in a walkway. Just be creative, and you should be okay.

5 Ways to Avoid Being Locked Out

4. Key Finder

It might help to invest in a key finder system. If you get locked out because you constantly lose your keys, a key finder might be your best solution. Key finders do exactly what their name suggests—they find your lost keys. There are different kinds of key finders on the market nowadays. There are ones that you can literally stick on your key, and there are key finders that you can use as key chains. Any of these devices use a GPS tracking system so you can find out exactly where your keys are, pick them up, and open your door.

5 Ways to Avoid Being Locked Out

5. Keyless Systems

If all else fails and you continue to lose or forget your keys, it might be time to invest in a keyless security system. Keyless systems completely eliminate the use of keys, so that means you’ll never have to carry them or worry about them at all. Stop keeping track of physical keys and invest in a keyless entry system. You might have to remember a code though, so make sure that’s something you’re willing to do. If you don’t want to keep track of your pin code either, there are still other options for you. There are biometric systems nowadays that use your fingerprint as a key, and your fingerprint is certainly something that you will never lose or forget!